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What is the pull cylinder of trailer-type Weichai generator

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 a lot of people don't know yet. trailer type Weichai generator What does that mean, what is the pull cylinder? "cylinder " is also called " Bite the cylinder ." It is in the cylinder and piston ring surface along the direction of the piston movement of stripes, with color damage. When pulling cylinder, the wear of cylinder liner is very intense, can reach dozens of or even hundreds of times times of normal wear.
   After the cylinder is drawn, there will be some changes in the outside of the diesel engine, such as sound changes, exhaust black smoke, the result is the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner work surface is damaged, gas seal failure, oil consumption and rapid increase in channeling gas, so that the engine can not operate normally, even in a very short time, due to pistons, The piston ring and the cylinder cover bite to death and stop.

   The main reason for the trailer-type Weichai generator is actually the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner surface due to high temperature and "weld" the pull injury. That is, the piston is not between the cylinder liner due to the oil film interruption produced dry friction, hot friction heat caused the metal's micro-melting and adhesion, and the nearby metal particles ripped. The most fundamental reason for producing a trailer-type Weichai generator is that the oil film is interrupted. According to the requirements of gas seals, the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder liner should be as small as possible, which makes them very unfavorable lubrication conditions. The friction between cylinder liner and piston ring depends on the elasticity of piston ring, working temperature, sliding speed, oil film distribution, parts quality and running-in condition. When due to the contact surface overload, so that the surface of the cylinder liner and piston ring face due to direct contact between the fierce friction, resulting in a large number of friction heat, so that the temperature of the work surface sharply rise, the result is two friction surface weld adhesion and caused by the pull injury.
This shows that the oil supply condition is bad, channeling gas is serious, parts too large contact stress Damage Oil film, is the main cause of pulling cylinder. In addition to lubrication, matching clearance, parts manufacturing quality, the use of not hair may also cause trailer-type Weichai generator pull cylinder, specifically the following points:
1. Piston and cylinder liner with the gap is too small, or in the formal load with the work before the good running-in.
2. Poor lubrication, such as small clearance, oil, or in the assembly without oil.
3. Diesel engine overheating.
4. The body is not clean or the piston is too dead to assemble.
5. The piston and piston ring are of poor quality.
From the use of the point of view, but also pay attention to avoid sudden increase in load or emergency parking, before starting the best use of crank crankshaft to rotate a few laps, so that the surface of friction to maintain a certain lubricant.
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